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   Hello friends. Welcome to my music site. It’s been a long, arduous journey getting here. But here I am, regardless. I started guitar lessons when I was ten years old. I wasn’t the best student, but I learned the basics. I was always more interested in songwriting. I was a child flooded with emotions, from early tragic events, in desperate need for an artistic outlet. Music appealed to me after hearing albums by the Beatles & Stevie Wonder. That’s what I wanted to do. Express myself through music. Which wasn't always easy, but fulfilling to say the least. And it got me through some tough times.

   My influences are many, seeing that I am a fan of many musical forms. But art rock is the closest way to describe what I do. It is the melding of a lyrical concept with music that matches the feeling expressed. Painting with the instrumentation to create mental picture of the subject at hand. I hope you enjoy or get some sense of satisfaction from what I have to offer. Some of it is odd. Such is life. But it’s genuine. These are my thoughts & feelings, displayed on aural canvases, in the museum of my life. Please stroll through & soak in the atmosphere. Perhaps something here will touch your soul.

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