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Well, here we are. The music page. This is the musical history of yours truly. Here you will find full streams of my solo albums & extras. As well as some of my bands & collaboration material. I will add links for anything here that can be purchased, if you so desire.  

Earth to Kurt

"Earth to Kurt" was written & recorded throughout the year of 2022. A concept album that poetically tells the story of the experiences of my youth & how they affected my adult life. Each song is a section of my life. From being orphaned at a very young age to the abuses of my teenage years. It covers the measures that I took to deal with depression. And how I finally managed to overcome. There is a lot of dark content here, that some may offensive. Try to keep in mind that I lived it. Therefore, I am also very much offended. I hope that some will find comfort in knowing they are not alone. That someone else has lived through it and triumphed in the end.    

"That is where you've all gone wrong. I've found the place where I belong. And I hope that you can find your way as well"

Kid Gloves

"Kid Gloves" was written & recorded in six weeks of weekends & evenings. It has a sense of urgency about it. Even though there was room for some lighter elements & moments of sarcasm. It is my first album to feature a cover song. "Word on a Wing" by the late David Bowie. It is a song that I can relate to on many levels. My love song to the world, "If You Could See" is the first single release. Also, a more somber, anthemic, "Hand" has a bit of a punch.

"There is a dark cloud over me. It hovers over constantly. But that just makes my light shine brighter."

Tales from the Cut Out Bin

"Tales from the Cut Out Bin" was therapy for me. My family had recovered from a horrible tragedy, years earlier. It was enough for me to just hang up the music business. But, late in, 2019, I felt like I could get back in the game. So, I built me a new home studio and pushed through the veil. It is an eclectic mix. Highlights are, the sarcastic, "Mary Annette," The sombre "Laying on a Sandy Beach & the energetic instrumental, "Epiphany #1."  

"The singer sings, vibrating the strings, and all creation is a manifestation."

Self Portrait

"Self Portrait" was my first studio recorded album. Back in 1988 I gathered up some friends & went to "The Band Factory" studio in Fort Worth, Texas. This material was lost to me, until a fortunate event happened, allowing me to acquire the original masters. From there I remixed & remastered. I had to add some new instrumentation, since some of it was destroyed from years of storage. At this time in my life, I was a pretty messed up person. Some of the songs are quite depressing & they don't reflect the new man that I am today. Anyways, "In a Dream' is a sci-fi ballad of sorts. "Disillusioned" is a Syd Barrett inspired dirge. And of course the title track is a bit surreal.  

"I'm painting. Painting the man with a brush in his hand, who's dreaming."

Sons of Igor
Featuring Terry Vernixx

Sons of Igor is a collaborative project with my old musician friend, Terry Vernixx. Together we have been working, building tracks, piece by piece. This may be an ongoing project. So, I will be adding tracks as they are release by our label, "Chill District Recordings." They are experimental, electronic & somewhat gothic at times.   

"I mourn the Earth. I mourn the sea. I mourn the fools who follow me."

Joshua Davidson

Joshua Davidson was the last band that I was in. Other members, Eddie Rogers - Lead Guitar & vocals, Richard Bailey - Bass, Rich Waldron - Drums & Tommy Winn - Keyboards. With myself playing rhythm guitar & vocals. We were a Christian art rock band from Duncan, Oklahoma. Our sound was reminiscent of 70's rock, border lining, prog. Each member was essential in our songwriting/crafting process. Which yielded very complex & satisfying results. 

"The tongue is a pen. The pen is a sword. The sword is the word. The word is the Lord." 


The initial idea for Heelholder, was to be a band that bridged the gap. The album was to be my testimony. I wrote the songs to be real and not have that glossy, superficial, churchianity feel to it. But, as we were getting close to finishing the album, a power surge fried my hard drive. Fortunately I made rough mixes of all the songs. These four were the only songs that had all the instrumentation completed.

And the rough mix wasn't so bad. From left to right we are, Jesse Brooks - drums, Chad Waugh - bass,  Kurt Paul - guitar & vocals, Sharon Daniels - keys, Rhett Taylor - guitar,    Eddie Rogers - guitar. These are available as a free download if you want.

"I take a good close look at myself, the damns break down in my eyes. I try to slow the current down with lies. But the source of the river is as vast as Victoria. And the streams flowing down my face are the Niles of honor." 

Dead Sea Fishermen

Dead Sea Fishermen was my very first home studio project. I had an interface & a recording program. Aside from bass & guitars, it was all done with free soft synths that I downloaded from the internet. I didn't have a keyboard so every note was written one at a time. So this was mostly educational. I learned a lot about working with a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). It was all done by myself, with the exceptions of, Eddie Rogers - guitar on "Adverse" & "Remember Me." And Richard Bailey - bass on "Adverse." These are available as a free download if you want.

""Cause you're always hangin' 'round. And if you want me to, I'll hang with you." 

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